1993       Ph.D. Epidemiology  Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
    1989       M.P.H. Epidemiology School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
    1977       B.S.  Nursing (active R.N. and P.H.N. CA license)., San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

    Collaborator: Evidence reviews for Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illnesses Manual, World Health
    Collaborator: Analyses, manuscripts, texts - Viral Epidemiology Branch, National Cancer Institute
    Dissertation Research Coach: Research methodology, analysis, manuscripts, Private Individuals
    Writer/Editor: Grants, proposals, protocols, manuscripts, Private Individuals
    Consultant: Medical and clinical and research-related literature searches and reviews, Private Individuals

    2007: – translated informatics code to technical specifications with clinical input.

    2003-2005:  Eureka Research - Awarded RFP: quasi-experimental design for diabetes quality improvement program.
    Analysis of DM QI project; Development of proposal for biomedical firm asthma disease registry database analysis;

    1998-2001; Pharsight Corporation - Methodology, critique, and analysis and data structure to enhance efficient phase II-IV
    clinical trial design utilizing population-based, health care insurance claims and academic research-quality data (Clinical trial
    design for diabetes, cardiovascular, and neurologic therapeutic areas.).

    2000-2001,  Xoma Corporation; Epidemiologic estimates for several drug development programs utilizing public access,
    population-based, research-quality data, and Internet resources (several oncology and autoimmune therapeutic areas).

    1998 - RSK Health Risk Solutions, Inc; Logic algorithms for the management of outpatient left-ventricular dysfunction to
    be utilized in proprietary software development.

    2006 – 2007: Director of Clinical Research;  MedVantage,Inc. San Francisco. Senior Manager of Informatics content, metrics
    evidence-based evaluation and technical specifications; liaison with clients, software engineers and product deployment.

    2003 - 2006  Adjunct Faculty;  University of San Francisco;  Courses and syllabi: Epidemiology of Aging (syllabi approved
    by Curriculum Committee), Applied Epidemiology: Infectious Diseases (Fall 2005), Epidemiology and Evidence-based Practice
    (summer 2005), Nursing Research (masters entry, 2003), Community & Mental Health Nursing (clinical community agency
    placement, undergraduate 2003-cur, masters entry 2004), Conceptual Foundations of Nursing (masters entry, 2004),

    2005 Project Director; Robert Wood Johnson Local Initiative Funding Partners health promotion grant (Bay Area
    Community Resources)           

    2001-2002:  Epidemiologist;  Marin County DHHS, Epidemiology Program, Breast Cancer Research Project. State and
    federal grant proposals.

    1995-1998   Senior Epidemiologist;  Ischemia Research and Education Foundation; San Francisco, CA  94134-3306.
    Collaborated with clinicians and principle investigators from 150 academic institutions worldwide,  consultant for study
    design and methodology, protocol development, data analysis, report and manuscript generation. Lead epidemiologist for
    the design and conduct of international study of long term follow-up of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft

    1989            Epidemiologist;  AIDS Surveillance;   Louisiana State Health Department, New Orleans, LA


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    Epidemiologic research methods for clinicians and software engineers. Pharsight Corporation, 1999-2000; Conducted
    informal presentations and seminars on epidemiologic research methods for clinicians. IREF, 1995-1998

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    1991  Society for Epidemiologic Research: Student Workshop Scholarship
    1990  National Cancer Institute: Epidemiology and Biostatistics Fellowship
    1989  Tulane University Scholarship: Doctoral Course Work

    2009 - cur. Volunteer home energy auditor, Green@home, Acterra
    2007    Database developer. Bayview Child Health Center
    1999 – cur. Volunteer various local cultural/arts organizations/events
    2004 - 2007  Member, Interdisciplinary Council on Aging; USF.
    2004 - 2007  Member, Citywide Chronic Disease Prevention Consortium, SF DPH
    2005   Co Principle Investigator, Healthy Aging Promotion in SF Senior Centers. Pilot/feasibility project
Laura S. Diamondstone - Curriculum Vitae